Use Subscrub to scrub the hull of your boat
on your way out the harbor.

How easy, and convienient is that?

sailboat hull scrubber
Subscrub is "a revolutionary new sailboat hull scrubbing tool"
Before using it we were pretty sceptical...It proved us wrong."
- Tom Goodhall, Sailing Today Magazine
sailboat bottom cleaning
"Practical Sailor tested the Subscrub in our Sarasota, FL. -based Cape Dory 25 test boat."
"We dropped the Subscrub overboard, and it went to work as advertised - swooping and scrubbing all over the hull."
- Practical Sailor Magazine

Watch short video of Subscrub in action & description of how Subscrub works:

Subscrub cleans off all the soft growth:

Hull Cleaning Subscrub

A Subscrub on the way to the start area, would have cleaned this dirty bottom:

Needs to be subscrubbed

Impressive Magazine Reviews:

Sailing Today Magazine
See more in reviews section...

Watch the full YouTube Subscrub Infomercial for more on Subscrub.

Subscrub sailboat video


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Subscrub sailor gift for sailing idea

Sailboat hull cleaning

sail boat hull scrubber
Subscrub Movie

sailboat bottom cleaner

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