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Frequently Asked Questions   
Wednesday, January 23, 2019      

What is Subscrub™ made of & how big/heavy is it?

See the specifications page for full specifications including size and weight information.

How does Subscrub work?sailboat hull cleaning
See the how it works page. Subscrub took the inventor and the design team 18 months of research, design and 26 versions to become the ingenious device it is now. 

Where can I buy Subscrub?
Subscrub is only available from this Web Site. You cannot buy Subscrub in any store.

How much does a Subscrub cost?
Go to the order page for exact pricing including shipping.

How do I use Subscrub?
See the Operating Directions page under Product Info for full details.

Does subscrub work on soft ablative anti-fouling paint?
Subscrub will scrub enough to remove some of the exposed ablative paint, but no more than if you scrubbed the hull by hand with a scrubbie.

Subscrub sailboat bottom scrubbingWhat size boat does Subscrub work on?
Subscrub will clean boats from 20 feet to 60+ feet!

What shape hull will Subscrub clean?
All sailboats. The shape of the hull does not matter, it can be a full keel, a fin keel, an extended keel boat - it doesn't matter.
(See also the question below about Clinker (lap board) boats).

How much of the hull will Subscrub clean?
Subscrub only works when partially or wholly immersed in moving water, and will scrub an area approximately from 6 inches above the waterline, to the keel.

What precautions can I take to make sure the Subscrub doesn't damage my boat speed impeller?
In most cases the brushes will not damage your speed impeller. However, the best way to ensure the protection of your impeller is to pull your speed impeller up before launching Subscrub, then pushing it down again when you are done.

What precautions can I take to make sure the Subscrub or its lines don't get into the propeller?
One simple but effective precaution is to mark the toe rail directly above the propeller and not going more than a foot or so below the water line when scrubbing that part of the hull. The waterline can of course be cleaned all the way to the transom.

Can I Subscrub while sailing and not motoring?
Yes. This is a good idea as you can then clean around the propeller as the propeller will not be turning. When sailing it is best to use your Subscrub when you are sailing downwind, as then the boat will be flat, and subscrubbing easier & more effective.

Does the boat have to be moving to use Subscrub?
Yes. Subscrub works on Hydrodynamics so must have water moving past it, in order to function.

What is the recommended speed when using Subscrub?
Subscrub works at speeds between 2 and 5 knots. Slow speeds give a gentle scrub, faster speeds a stronger scrub. Click graph on right to see larger version.
If you are using Subscrub for the first time; start at 2 knots and when you feel more confident, increase the speed to suit the force of the scrub you require.

sailboat hull cleaning
Click on graph for larger size.

Can I use Subscrub to scrub my Clinker built (lap board) boat?
Not easily, as the brushes have to "climb" over the planks. It will not be possible if the "Steps" are too large.
TIP: Try scrubbing horizontally instead of vertically if necessary.

If your question is not answered here, send us an e-mail and we will be pleased to address it...


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