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Tuesday, June 18, 2019      

Sailing Today Magazine Tests Subscrub.

Sailing Today magazine Tom Goodhall's 'GEAR on test' department tested Subscrub and were very impressed with the result.

"Before using it we were pretty sceptical...
It proved us wrong."

"We tested Subscrub on a heavily fouled hull. Before using it we were pretty sceptical... It proved us wrong. After our short trials we could see the marked contrast in the areas which we cleaned to the original weedy hull. It even shifts barnacles."

"We found it easy to handle, yet extremely robust and well built."

Rating: - The highest possible.

Verdict: "A brilliantly effective device, an excellent addition to any racing boat and a 'must-have' for any boat-proud cruising owner."


Subscrub has received positive reviews in:

Practical SailorPractical Sailor (USA).

"PS tested the Subscrub on our Sarasota, Fla.-based Cape Dory 25 test boat. The bottom hadn't been cleaned in a few weeks, so the thin layer of slime and smattering of hard growth provided a good test platform."

"We dropped the Subscrub overboard, and it went to work as advertised - swooping and scrubbing all over the hull."

Sailing (USA).  

Subscrub is an Editor's Choice for Best New Sailing Gear. "The revolutionary Subscrub bottom cleaner"




Yachting Monthly (UK)  Practical Boat Owner (UK) Yachts & Yachting (UK) Cruising World (USA)

"Just as you think you have seen every possible permutation of nautical gadgetry, along comes something like this. The Subscrub is a 'smart' scrubbing brush that can be used whilst sailing to clean a boat's bottom."

"The first thing we noticed was the power of the Subscrub, it wanted to dive and started pressing firmly against the hull as soon as the Hydrofoils were immersed."
"Read and breath a sigh of relief... A clever new product is now available that is perfectly happy to do your dirty work."

"Subscrub cleans while you sail. Without cutting into your up time, you can remove the Marina or Mooring slime that forms during your down time, while you are busy earning boat bucks."

bottom cleaner
sailboat bottom scrubber
sailboat hull scrubber
Practical Boat Owner
Classic Boat
Cruising World
"A new alternative that scrubs on the move."
"Remarkably effective."
"Without cutting into your uptime, you can remove the slime."
sailboat bottom cleaner
boat bottom scrubber
asilboat bottom cleaning
Yachts & Yachting
Sailing Today
Annual Editor's Choice for "The Right Stuff"
"Clever new product."
"A highly effective, ingenious device."
bottom cleaner
Sailboat cleaner
sailboat bottom scrubber
Yachting Monthly
Practical Boat Owner
"Subscrub is a 'smart' scrubbing brush."
"Scrubber up to scratch"
"Brilliantly effective"


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